Service of computers

Professional maintenance of organizations "computers. Remote Service Available
Service of computers

Without computers, it is not possible to establish a competent work process today. Computer maintenance, as well as repair, is an inevitable element of any company 's work. Such works should be carried out in a timely manner, as they guarantee the operability of the equipment and the normal mode of work of the employees. Companies that cannot afford to hire a specialist for such a task turn to computer maintenance firms. For example, in "Admin54."

Advantages of "Admin54"

If you need a computer network service or computer specialist, Admin54 is happy to offer its services. Our benefits are:

  • An opportunity to take on a wide range of work. We are ready to perform not only subscriber maintenance of computers, but also to configure and maintain the whole complex of your equipment, including telephony and video surveillance;
  • Extensive experience of rapid response to problems, as fast as possible system recovery;
  • The ability to solve 90% of the moments remotely, that is, simply during a call to a specialist;
  • Focus on meeting the challenge rather than increasing maintenance time.

Thanks to the fact that under the subscription contract the master does not receive money for the time spent, he does everything once and qualitatively. It benefits both you and us.

Setup of the orgtekhnichesky equipment

An important aspect is the maintenance of computer equipment that complements the functionality of the main machines. These are a variety of printers, scanners, copiers, shredders, faxes, phones (including PBX), video surveillance systems. Although these devices may not always be called "computer devices," working with such equipment is part of the service provided by Admin54.

Ensuring operation of servers

Subscriber service of computers in Novosibirsk, acting as servers, includes:

  • Initial fine tuning of the entire network (if possible, and computer maintenance of user machines);
  • Continuous monitoring of the state of the system while maintaining all statistics;
  • Regular inspection of all devices, involving maintenance of computers (check of periphery, power supply, cables, as well as cooling system);
  • Competent organization of software update and timely configuration of the machine.

These and other server health services are part of the professional maintenance of computers on a subscriber basis from Admin54. If you want to know the details of the contract or offer your terms, call us.

Service of computer networks

Maintenance of computer networks is a separate large block of work. It is divided into several stages:

  • Network design, when the installation of all elements is developed so that they can be easily used and the technician can perform maintenance of computer networks without interference;
  • Network installation involving installation of equipment and software maintenance of computers and laptops of users that will be connected to the network;
  • The actual maintenance of the organization 's computer networks, which supports the entire system created in order.

Subscriber services

The main type of cooperation with Admin54 company is subscriber service of computers under the contract with a predetermined price for work with each machine. The task of the wizard is to properly configure a specific device (or complex of devices) and maintain its operability.

At the same time, it is not necessary for a specialist to be present in the office. Very often we use remote computer maintenance. The measure of the quality of work is not the presence of a master near the equipment, but the uninterrupted operation of the device itself. If there are no problems, then the computer equipment is fully maintained.

Recover Windows (2000, XP, 7) from a virus attack or other software failure while preserving all data. 700
Remove the WinLocker Blocker virus (send SMS, etc.) while saving data and configure the PC to prevent the virus from re-appearing. 500
One-time PC maintenance (cleaning the system unit from dust, cleaning the computer from unnecessary programs, optimization, upgrade recommendations, defragmentation, program updates) 500
Diagnostics of the computer on presence of viruses and espionage programs 150
Remove viruses and then configure system security 500-1000
Creation of a logical disk 100
Formatting of a logical disk 100
Saving Data When Installing the Operating System 250
Transfer data from one storage medium to another 150
Data recovery to HDD in case of software failure 500-3500
Backing up a hard disk partition 500
Printer/scanner/photo or camera/PDA connection 200
Connect your TV to your PC 250
Connection of the mobile phone 200-300
Connecting Other External Devices 350
Full Internet Dedicated Line Setup 500
LAN configuration (per master PC) 400
LAN configuration (per slave PC) 350
Connecting one slave PC to a router 350
Creating a secure WI-FI network 800

You can order computer services for organizations or negotiate options for concluding a contract with Admin54 by phone. The base rate is 800 rubles per month per workplace. Contact your managers for details: 213-16-59 or 8 (913) 985-16-59.

Number of the personal computer The price in a month
Number of computers 4 to 10 (abon. Board 600 RUB/PC)
5 3000
6 3600
7 4200
8 4800
9 5400
10 6000
Number of computers 11 to 20 (abon. Board 550 RUB/PC)
11 6050
12 6600
13 7150
14 7700
15 8250
16 8800
17 9350
18 9900
19 10450
20 11000
Number of computers 21 to 30 (abon. Fee 500 RUB/PC)
21 10500
22 11000
23 11500
24 12000
25 12500
26 13000
27 13500
28 14000
29 14500
30 15000


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