Office automatic telephone exchanges

We offer a budget solution that saves communication between remote branches of the company
Office automatic telephone exchanges

We do both simple analog and IP telephony. Analog PBX 's are generally reliable, but have a limited margin of flexibility and expandability. However, in most small offices, they are used as the primary means of communication for employees. We have a great experience in installation and configuration of Panasonic office PBX systems.

Control of office automatic telephone exchanges

Setting up an analog PBX does not take a long time, the main time is spent on wiring the telephone network to employees 'workplaces. At the same time, the IP-PBX does not require installation work, the handsets are connected to the existing computer network.

A good alternative is the organization of an office PBX based on Asterisk software, which allows to implement services such as multichannel communication, automatic secretary, call redirection for example to a mobile phone on weekends, call to the subscriber of another branch by short 3-digit numbers, monitoring of incoming and outgoing communication and much more.

We set up IP-PBX based on Asterisk software, due to flexible functionality available without significant license purchase costs. We will deploy on your equipment a fully functional VoIP server with auto attendant service and connection to the urban telephone network using a 7-digit number.

Handsets can be full-featured VoIP handsets with Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to the computer network, as well as headsets or handsets connected via USB to computers in the workplace.

Contact us and we will find the best solution for your phone organization.

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