Administration of computer networks

Administration of the network equipment
Administration of computer networks

Any organization has a computer. Rarely does a firm cost a single device. If you have multiple laptops and other office equipment, you must have set up a local area network. And most likely, you need the service of administration of computer networks.

Usually organizations hire a specialist for such a task, but a small company (Admin54 company works with legal entities with a staff of up to 20 people in Novosibirsk) is not profitable to invite an additional employee for this purpose. Administering a small network does not take as long to load an engineer 100%. Therefore, it is much more convenient and cheaper to conclude a contract with a firm that will not only set up all the equipment, but will also monitor its condition for a small subscription fee.

What is part of the administration of the computer network?

System network administration involves a comprehensive approach to primary configuration and subsequent timely maintenance of all the elements logged on. Typically, the initial stages of operation include:

  • The first configuration step, connecting all computers and peripherals. It is often necessary to buy equipment (network cable, routers, sometimes a computer that will act as a server) when organizing such works;
  • Intra-LAN routing and optimization
  • Administer networking and equipment, connect to the Internet, and configure access rights.

After going through these three stages, you usually get a working "locale" with internet access. It does not require constant surveillance, but still sometimes falls into disuse unless it receives regular maintenance.

Network administration at this stage should include:

  • Online connection of new computers and other equipment. When the number of users is updated regularly at some point, it is necessary to completely re-form the local network, because the principle of building a small "locale" differs from the large branched network that many large organizations have;
  • Monitor the status of network equipment and computers in the group. The administrator should regularly inspect the technician for problems and replace the failed equipment in a timely manner. Good network administration allows you to perform this task automatically using diagnostic software;
  • Protection against hacking of computers on the local network and regular improvement of security of the created bundle.

Computer network security in Admin54 office

The administration of a computer network includes ensuring the security of its use both from the point of view of the user and from the point of view of the preservation of closed company data. In order to guarantee a high level of security, our company takes the following measures when organizing the administration of the working network:

  • All computers in the network are thoroughly audited, which includes searching for and removing pirate software, as well as programs that are not related to the employee 's work tasks;
  • User machines are configured so that they can no longer be installed without the involvement of the administrator of the entire network.
  • The entire computer design identifies the weaknesses and provides security advice;
  • A working calendar of computer network administration is drawn up, including regular software update and timely installation of anti-virus protection.

Thanks to the measures our employees take, you get a secure computer network that maximizes the power of your equipment.

Benefits of working with Admin54

If you need system administration of your computer network, contact your professionals. The company "Admin54" on the market since 2012 and has accumulated sufficient experience in the implementation of small office solutions for companies up to 20 jobs in Novosibirsk and the region.

The main advantage of Admin54 is the possibility of concluding a long-term contract for the administration of network equipment. This collaboration option keeps your computers from worrying. The firm 's engineers will provide:

  • Initial setting of all machines;
  • Competent monitoring of the state of the finished network and remote administration;
  • Regular service and maintenance;
  • Instant response and system recovery in case of problems, breakdowns. Urgent departure to the site.

Administration of a small computer network for 3-20 machines is much more profitable and convenient to assign to the incoming specialist. We will provide you with an engineer who will monitor the situation and always know what condition the equipment is in. But at the same time all costs of registration of the employee are borne by our company.

You want to make a contract? Call or come to our office in Novosibirsk. We are always happy to see new customers and are ready to discuss the terms of administration of your network equipment in the most convenient way for you. Our phone is 8 (913) 985-16-59 or 8 (383) 213-16-59. Contact your manager so he can offer you the right time to meet at the office!

Cost of administration of computer networks

The cost of the service - from 800 rubles per month for one workplace.

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