- Computer, software, telephony, video surveillance

- Initial hardware configuration

- Rapid response to serious problems accompanied by a wizard visit.

- Installation of computer, telephone, video surveillance networks

- Set up a secure Wi-Fi network

- Set up automatic distribution of addresses (including IPv6) for general Internet access.

- Video Surveillance Organization

- Configure Internet access to video surveillance systems to monitor the situation in real time from a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.

- Budget solution that saves communication between remote branches

- Analog PBX Configuration

- Installation and configuration of Panasonic PBX systems

- All Computers and Peripherals Connected Settings

- Intra-LAN routing and optimization

- Network and Hardware Administration

- Office Equipment Setup

- Keep servers running

- Computer Network Maintenance

- Subscriber service

Continuous service is the responsibility of specialists with many years of experience and successful solution of a wide range of problems. They will certainly find the best solution to your problem. But unfortunately, this is not always feasible in a short time frame, especially in case of critical system failures and loss of important data.

Services to support your systems are optimal when specialists who have set up your resources or have long experience with them do so. In the case where an outside professional is involved, even with the highest level of knowledge, much of the time is spent getting to know your situation and how your systems operate before a failure. At the same time it is impossible to 100% guarantee that in your situation it is possible to understand in a short time and that the problem will be solved at all.

We strongly recommend you to find a permanent person who will be fully familiar with the construction and operation of your computer systems, and will be constantly responsible for their work. One-time services of paid specialists will help solve some problems provided that the specialists are highly qualified, but it is much better if you have a permanent specialist who is really responsible for the work of your resources and data preservation.

We provide this type of support.

Support for computer infrastructure includes prompt resolution of all problems, working with users, setting up server and workstation software, and bringing order to the computer network.

We can take on continuous on-site or remote maintenance of the entire complex of computer equipment or a separate server and configure automatic backup of system and critical data to implement a scenario of rapid recovery of the system in case of equipment or software failure.

Our services can include solving critical problems, finding non-standard solutions, consulting on IT, maintaining server and workstation software, configuring data backup, diagnosing the presence of viruses, monitoring, eliminating vulnerabilities in the enterprise network, assisting users, manufacturing and maintaining your Web site, that is, the full range of works for which the full-time system administrator is responsible.

Payment of works is made on non-cash or cash settlement. Substantial discounts are provided in the event of a permanent service contract.

We work until the right result is achieved and receive remuneration only for specific work.

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